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Saving Water, Staying Clean with Low Flow High Pressure Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

In the pursuit of saving water The New York Times wrote an article titled: finding a low-flow shower head with high pressure. The New York Times took an inordinate number of showers, sometimes several a day. Compared the merits of 17 high pressure shower heads, each with a standard half-inch connection. Criteria included how well each could deliver an acceptably robust shower, and the usefulness of the various spray options. Also tested the shower head flow rates stated by the manufacturers with a bucket and stop watch. Everyone told the truth.

high pressure shower heads  A portion of each high pressure shower heads sale this month will be donated to Chefs4Students.  Thank you for your support.  

Here are some tips to save water:

  • A low flow high pressure showerheadShorten your showering time. If you have an older shower head, a few minutes less in the shower can save you 15 gallons of water or more.
  • Buy an attachment that fits behind the showerhead that allows you to stop the water flow (so you can lather up) without losing any water temperature. Many high pressure shower heads already have this option built-in.
  • Think about replacing your current high flow showerhead with a low-flow, water saving model. Doing this may indeed save several gallons a minute.
  • Put a water flow-restrictor in your current high flow shower head. These small coin-sized additions attach to the shaft near the area that attaches to the wall arm..

    Here's a question we received:

    Any recommendations on low flow shower heads? I love my high flow showerhead and am not crazy about going low flow, but thought I'd ask. Are there any heads that provide fantastic sprays? I've been to hotels with low flow models and you have to walk around to get wet (somewhat of an exaggeration).
    I have three sons with longer hair, so they tend to be in there a quite awhile indeed. I know you'll still use less water, but will you need to take a longer shower to get the same amount of clean?
    Thank you very much!

    Here's another question we received:

    I own a duplex that is decades old, and my tenants pay for all of the utilities EXCEPT for water (which comes out of my pocket each month). One of my tenants told me he ordered his own shower head after reading a forum or two about high flow shower heads and high pressure showerheads for low water pressure.  These rental units could benefit from some plumbing updates like eco-friendly faucets, eco-friendly toilets and eco friendley showerheads etc....  as a way of helping these rental properties use much, much less water. Maybe save enough water to save me several thousand dollars every year (at least I hope). And thereby allow these plumbing updates to pay for themselves over time.

    I have the toilets and faucets all picked-out (because I have personal experience with these and know which ones are good) - but I'm not sure what to do about the high flow shower heads!

    I am well aware that showerheads are an item that can be the largest saver of money (because these tend to consume more water than anything else when people take long showers). That being said, the last thing I want to do is install a showerhead that does not put out enough water because that would make my tenant mad.

    It sounds like the current standard is for most shower heads to put out approx 2 and a half  GPM (gallons per minute). 

    Conserving water with a high pressure shower head

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